Google Launches New App for Covid-19

Google Launches New App for Covid-19

Smartphone users have a new way to keep their distance, an app that lets them know when people are getting closer than pandemic guidelines recommend.

Google developed an app known as Sodar, which can produce visible boundary victimization the user’s smartphone camera and perpetually show who’s breaching that distance. the corporate claims Sodar uses “WebXR to assist visualize social distancing pointers in your surroundings. victimization Sodar on supported mobile devices, produce an increased reality 2-meter radius around you.”

The app has been developed under Experiments with Google and is not available on the Google Play Store but can be side-loaded separately.

The perimeter is superimposed on the particular surroundings of the user whereas forward that the smartphone and also the user are at an equivalent spot. The circle keeps moving with the user. This area unit technology is comparable to games like Pokemon Go. Once another person breaches the circle, the screen can visually alert the user.

The app may be accessed victimization the Chrome browsers and on Android smartphones. If you would like to access the app use this link on the phone or scan the QR code from your smartphone on the laptop.

Google conjointly designed a contact tracing API in partnership with Apple and has created it on the market for health agencies across countries. This API may be utilized in order to send alert notifications to users who might need doubtless contracted COVID-19 or are in shut proximity of somebody who could be a positive coronavirus case.

In order to create the app a lot of safe and to take care of the utilizations privacy, Apple and Google prohibited the use of location following on the apps that attempt to use their contact tracing interface. However, several governments are victimization their own interface with location following to search out hotspots at intervals in their country.

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