PM Modi 5 Ideas To Redefine Businesses

PM Modi 5 Ideas To Redefine Businesses

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday (19-4-2020) wrote a post on LinkedIn in which he shared his five business ideas that can be quite beneficial for India on Covid-19 lockdown time.

Narendra Modi also tweeted “As the world battles COVID-19, India’s energetic and innovative youth can show the way in ensuring healthier and prosperous future. Shared a few thoughts on @LinkedIn which would interest youngsters and professionals.”

The prime minister additionally disclosed that how he is managing his work by holding videoconferences and responsive phone calls with people during the period of the nationwide lockdown.

He also gave examples of how people from various professions are working during the lockdown period. “One is seeing the ways in which through which peoples are continued their add these times. There are a couple of artistic videos by our film stars transfer a relevant message of staying home. Our singers did an internet concert. Chess players contend chess digitally and thru that contributed to the fight against COVID-19. Quite innovative.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his post mentioned that India, an immature nation famed for its innovative zeal will take the lead in providing a new work culture. I envision this new business and work culture being redefined on the subsequent vowels; PM Modi aforesaid within the post.

I call them- vowels of the new normal- as a result of like vowels within the English, these would become essential ingredients of any business model within the post-COVID world, PM added.

According to Modi, the essential ingredients of any business model in the post-COVID world include adaptability, efficiency, inclusivity, opportunity and universalism.

Adaptability(A): The need of the hour is to consider business and life-style models that are simply adaptable. Doing therefore would mean that even in a very time of crisis, our offices, businesses and commerce might get going quicker, guaranteeing loss of life doesn’t occur.

Embracing digital payments could be a prime example of ability. search house owners massive and little ought to invest in digital tools that keep commerce connected, particularly in times of crisis. Republic of India is already witnessing associate encouraging surge in digital transactions.

Another example is telemedicine. we have a tendency to are already seeing many consultations while not truly planning to the clinic or hospital. Again, this is often a positive sign. will we expect of business models to assist additional telemedicine across the world?

Efficiency(E): Perhaps, this can be the time to think about reimagining what we tend to consult with as being economical. Efficiency cannot solely be about- what quantity time was spent within the workplace.

We should maybe think about models wherever productivity and potency matter over look of effort. the stress ought to air finishing a task within the specific timeframe.

Inclusivity(I): Let us develop business models that attach importance to worry for the poor, the foremost vulnerable moreover as our planet.

We have created major progress in combating temperature change. Mother Nature has incontestable to U.S.A. her magnificence, showing U.S.A. however quickly it will flourish once act is slower. there’s a big future in developing technologies and practices that scale back our impact on the world. Do additional with less.

COVID-19 has created us realise the requirement to figure on health solutions at low price and enormous scale. we are able to become a leading light for international efforts to make sure the health and wellbeing of humanity.

Opportunity(O): Every crisis brings with it a chance. COVID-19 is not any completely different. Let us judge what could be the new opportunities/growth areas that might emerge currently.

Rather than taking part in catch up, Asian country should be before the curve within the post-COVID world. allow us to accept however our individuals, our skills set, our core capabilities are often utilized in doing therefore.

Universalism(U): COVID-19 doesn’t see race, religion, colour, caste, creed, language or border before placing. Our response and conduct thenceforth ought to attach importance to unity and brotherhood.

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