PM Modi 7 steps to fight Covid-19

Modi's 7 Step

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a 19-day extension of the lockdown across the India on 14-4-2020 to 03-05-2020. Some relaxations may be allowed after April 20 in places where there is no hotspot Narendra Modi requested the Indians to support him in seven aspects throughout this crisis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, When India had 550 coronavirus cases, we went for a 21-day lockdown to prevent spread of the virus. India may have paid a big economic price, but there can be no alternative to saving human lives. Social distancing and lockdown have given India a major benefit.

The entire nation had been awaiting an announcement by Prime Minister on whether or not the lockdown will be extended.

He pointed out seven aspects in which the people can help fight the virus.

1. Take care of the elderly

Take special care of the elderly in your homes, especially those who have disease. We have to take extra care of them, and keep them safe from Coronavirus.

2. Maintain hygiene

PM Narendra Modi asked the people to strictly adhere the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ of the lockdown and the social distancing. Please also use homemade face-covers and masks without fail.

3. Follow the advice

Please follow the instructions given by AYUSH ministry to enhance your immunity and regularly consume warm water.

4. Install Arogya Setu app

Install the Arogya Setu Mobile App to help prevent the spread of corona infection. Inspire others to install the app as well.

5. Take care of the poor peoples

Take much care of poor peoples as you can. Especially try to fulfil their food requirements.

6. Employer-employee relation

If you are owners of businesses and firms, be empathetic towards those who work for you and do not terminate their contracts or sack them amid this crisis.

7. Respect to the corona warriors

We should all be proud of our warriors – doctors, medical personnel, police – who have been fighting this disease from the frontline and keeping us safe

PM Modi’s Speech

India’s fight against the Corona world pandemic is moving ahead with strong strength and steadfastness. it’s solely thanks to your restraint, penance and sacrifice that, India has up to now been able to avert the damage caused by corona to an outsized extent. you have got endured vast suffering to save your country.

I am cognizant of the issues you have got faced -some for food, some for movement from place to put, et al. for staying far from homes and families. However, for the sake of your country, you’re fulfilling your duties sort of a disciplined soldier. This is the power of ‘We, the People of India’ that our constitution talks about.

This show of our collective strength, by us, the folks of India, may be a true tribute to cake Saheb Doctor Bhim Rao Ambedkar, on his birth day of remembrance.

Friends, this is often conjointly the time of varied festivals across various components of our country. beside festivals like Baisakhi, Pohela Boishakh, Puthandu, and Vishu, the twelvemonth has commenced in many nations.In the time of internment, the style within which folks are enduring by the principles, and celebrating festivalswith restraint whereas staying inside their homes, is really laudable. On the occasion of latest year, I would like and pray for your healthiness.

Friends, you’re cognizant of the standing of the Corona pandemic everywhere the globe nowadays. you have got been a partner similarly as witness to the style within which India has tried to prevent the infection, compared to alternative countries. Long before we have a tendency to had even one case of Corona, India had started screening traveller’s returning in from Corona affected countries at airports. abundant before the amount of Corona patients reached a hundred, India had created 14-day isolation obligatory for all those returning in from abroad. Malls, clubs and gymnasiums were close up in several places. once we had solely 550 Corona cases, then itself India had taken the large step of a 21-day complete internment.

Friends, in such a crisis it’s not right to match our scenario with the other country. However, it’s conjointly true that if we glance at Corona-related figures within the world’s massive, powerful countries, India nowadays is in a {very} very well-managed position. A month, month and a [*fr1] past, many countries had been at par with India in terms of Corona infection. But today, Corona cases in those countries are twenty-five to thirty times than that of India. Thousands of individuals have tragically died in those countries. Had India not adopted a holistic and integrated approach, taking fast and decisive action; true in India nowadays would are fully completely different.

The State Governments of the country have conjointly acted with nice responsibility during this, managing true around the clock. however, friends, the method the Corona pandemic is spreading amidst of these efforts, has created health specialists & government round the world even additional alert. I actually have been in a continuous bit with the States on however the fight against Corona ought to progress in India. everybody has urged that the internment ought to be continued. many nations have of course already determined and declared to continue the internment.

It is my request and prayer to any or all fellow voters, that we have a tendency to should not let Coronavirus unfold to new areas at any value. one new patient at even the tiniest native level, ought to be a matter of concern for United States of America. The tragic death of even one patient from coronavirus, ought to increase our concern even additional.

Until twentieth Apr, every town, each police office, each district, each state is evaluated on what proportion the internment is being followed. The extent to that the region has protected itself from Coronavirus are noted.

Friends, the country has ample reserves of medicines, food-ration and alternative essential goods; and provide chain constraints are unceasingly being removed. We are creating fast progress in ramping up health infrastructure similarly. From having just one testing laboratory for Coronavirus in Gregorian calendar month, we have a tendency to currently have quite 220 practical testing labs. world expertise shows that one,500-1,600 beds are needed for each ten,000 patients. In India, we’ve organized quite one large integer beds nowadays. Not solely this, there are quite 600 hospitals that are dedicated for Covid treatment. As we have a tendency to speak, these facilities are being inflated even earlier.

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